Ignored 173: Live. Love. A$AP by A$AP Rocky


Another Completely Ignored first as Cam and Sammy talk about a mixtape: Live. Love. A$AP, the 2011 debut from Harlem lyricist and fashion fave A$AP Rocky. After a bit of “What’s a mixtape, anyway?” exposition, Cam and Sammy dig deep into what defines NYC hip-hop, why Clams Casino mixtapes are both trippy and awesome, and where/how A$AP slots (circa 2018) alongside Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown and other ascendents of the early 2010s. The guys also talk quite a bit about distribution (h/t to Rick Ross). The episode wraps with a short convo about why Chet Baker’s music is 100% chill (even when his personal life was a GD wreck) plus a “remember these guys?” look back at Philly psych weirdos Barbo Pond.

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