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Ignored 104: Big edge

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Ignored 65: When is CanCon?

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Ignored 46: Toronto #sm rawks

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NOW recently named Fucked Up as Toronto’s Best Band as part of its annual Reader’s Choice survey.

Fair enough but for some reason, reading this compelled me to run a comparison on 30 favourite Toronto bands (anecdotally) and see how they compared in terms of their social media followings on Facebook and Twitter.

Having a ton of density on social media should be a clear sign of popularity. But maybe it’s not? It could mean your label is just ESPECIALLY talented at building your online following or perhaps your fan base skews towards the type of guys and gals who spend too much time on their computer or iPhone.

In terms of this latter suggestion, I was curious to see how veteran-yet-active Toronto bands (i.e. Rush, Blue Rodeo) compares to “hot young upstarts” (i.e. PartyNextDoor, METZ).

Interestingly, there weren’t a lot of clear inferences that could be drawn between age of the band and their ability of mobilize their fans via social media. Granted, this was far from a truly scientific measurement but it does show, in part, that in 2014, fan bases will mobilize regardless of the tenure of the act (with a few outliers, just to confuse us and make us Google ‘PartyNextDoor’).

Check out these cool graphs…



Artists who ranked far higher on their Facebook following: Death From Above 1979, Fucked Up, Cowboy Junkies, Anvil

Artists who ranked far higher on their Twitter following: PartyNextDoor, Kim Mitchell, METZ, Killer Dwarfs, Elliott Brood

Ignored 21: 1990s CanCon SEO bait

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In recent discussions with my close personal friend @GaryEdgar, we both agreed that an entire generation of Canadian bands just missed out on the Internet ubiquity of the 2000s onwards. This made us sad as many of these outfits entertained us for good portions of our 10s and 20s.

It’s not as if having a strong web presence is some sign of righteousness for our local recording artists. However, there is a risk of (partially) losing these acts to history if fresh online content is not created pronto to preserve their legacies/”legacies”.

We’re doing our part via this carefully-constructed PDF document. It contains a transcript of a Gmail chat between Gary and myself on our individual CanCon memories from Burlington, Thornhill and beyond.

Click here to read our full “1990s CanCon SEO bait” PDF


Bonus: a few key videos from the era…

The Inbreds sing “You Will Know”

Hayden sings “Bad As They Seem”

Limblifter sings “Tinfoil”

jale sings “Not Happy”

The Pursuit of Happiness sings “Young and In Love”