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Ignored 50: No alternative

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In a September 11, 2012 press release, Indie 88.1 president Doug Bingley expressed great excitement for the new radio station he was about to introduce to the Greater Toronto Area…

It’s like Rock N Roll in 1957, I think the market is poised to explode with this type of music. It’s a great opportunity for Canadian musicians and Toronto listeners. We’ll have a unique sound unlike anything else in the market.  If you want to hear a sample of Indie Toronto visit

Fast forward two years and a bit, Indie 88.1 has done a decent job at taking a slice of the semi-lucrative alternative/modern rock/indie pie. Recent ratings show that incumbent “modern rock station” 102.1 The Edge enjoys a 2.7% share in Toronto whereas Indie 88.1 has a 1.2% share.

For what it’s worth, CHFI FM 98 leads with a 13% share and that’s with the dulcet tones of Lovers & Other Strangers now streaming elsewhere (sadly).

Perhaps part of Indie 88.1’s success is that it’s probably more commercially viable that their original CRTC ruling would lead you to believe. Yes, Indie 88.1 plays a lot of legit Canadian indie, as promised, but also a lot of non-indie, non-Canadian outfits such as Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant and Modest Mouse.

As for 102.1 The Edge, they have mercifully ditched a lot of a growly nu-metal nonsense of the 2000s in favour of yes, more Canadian indie… and lots of Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant and Modest Mouse.

My point? 102.1 The Edge and Indie 88.1 actually have fairly similar playlists.

Check the graphic below: eight of the nine most played Indie 88.1 artists were also in the Top 25 most played Edge 102.1 artists.

In addition, the stations shared 11 artists in their respective Top 25 most played artists lists.

Lastly, I had no idea Edge 102.1 even played K-OS.



Ignored 26: Summer good/bad

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The concept of “summer” has a bit of a personality crisis in the world of popular music.

Some songs about summer contain lyrics about having fun, basking in sunlight, the kind of activities that Jimmy Buffett is into, etc.

Some songs about summer contain lyrics about #heavy topics such as growing old, lost love, dying, getting ready to die, etc.

Naturally, it’s about time that somebody created a(n) (info)graphic that maps summer songs on a continuum with “partying” being the ceiling of the positive and “death” being the floor of the negative.

Criteria for inclusion
1. Must have the word “summer” in the title
2. Must be on my iPod.

The (info)graphic is below along with some observations about a few of these tunes.


The Manic Street Preachers sing “Die in the Summertime”: An easy choice as the floor. Key lyric: “I wanna die/Die in the summertime/I wanna die”. Not much ambiguity there.

Ice Cube sings “My Summer Vacation”: This popular children’s song talks about an LA turf war that spills over into St Louis and elsewhere. Personally, I like to think that Ozzie Smith’s iconic home run off Tom Niedenfuer could have been a bit of bedrock for this conflict? Maybe? Please?

Love sings “Bummer in the Summer”: Love’s Forever Changes came out in 1967. I had no idea “bummer” was even an expression back then. Totally seems like more of a late 1980s’ thing.

Michael Legrand sings “The Summer Knows”: My choice for the most melancholy tune on this (info)graphic. Impressive considering it’s an instrumental although I will confess, I actually have the Henry Mancini version, not the Legrand original. Unrelated, Legrand’s niece is the singer in Beach House.

Banarama sing “Cruel Summer”: This song is technically not about work. However, I mainly remember the video depicting the three (uh) Banaramers working on their car as part of a gig at the gas station. In a pivotal moment, the baggy-clad beauties hijack an 18-wheeler (by dancing!) and engage in a low-speed chase from the cops. As part of the getaway, they actually throw banana peels at the officers in a callback (of sorts) to their name (cc: Fiona Apple, Peaches).

Victoria Williams sings “Summer of Drugs”: I was really on the fence if this was a positive or negative song. If it wasn’t for the part about the snake bite and the swelling that resulted, I’d probably make it the former.

Richard Marx sings “Endless Summer Nights”: ICYMI: a recap of a Richard Marx Twitter fight where he wanted to settle a score with a Chicago blogger “like men”.

Cocteau Twins sing “Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires”: Not so much about drugs. But sounds druggy. See also Mogwai and Galaxie 500.

Queens of the Stone Age sing “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”: Very much about drugs. Sounds druggy.

North Star Camp Kid’s Chorus sings “Are You Ready for the Summer?”: I’d really like to know how this song found its way on my iPod. Also, I just learned my dad hates Bill Murray. Need more details on this.

Bryan Adams sings “Summer of ’69”: If it weren’t for the CRTC and CanCon, would this song have come under more scrutiny from censors and Tipper Gore wannabes? I mean, check the song title. It’s not exactly subtle.

Mungo Jerry sings “In the Summertime”: Crazy sideburns.