Ignored 24: Random retweets pt.1


Is the culture ready for a George Clinton relapse?

If we’re not, maybe we should be since he’ll be turning 73 this July and… well… y’know…. mortality, etc.

Lollapalooza 1994 was a backhanded intro to the freaky Mr. C for parts of middle America and he’s kind of been doing his thing/”thang” ever since. This thing/”thang” largely consists of touring non-stop and getting namechecked. Although I do suspect he might be one of those artists that is discussed way more than he’s actually listened to. Others in this category may include Kraftwerk, (pick through this), Jandek and Danny Brown.

Aside: I once read somebody describing the Tragically Hip as “a mildly interesting bar band with an eccentric for a lead singer”. A bit weird that the exact same description could easily be applied to Parliament/Funkadelic.

.. or R.E.M..

Anyway, one tool that could help fuel this potential (time sensitive) relapse is Clinton’s surprisingly-robust Twitter feed and his ability to rebound a solid retweet. Much like “society” in a broader sense, social media is seen as a young person’s game. However, you’d never know it by taking a look at how older/elderly artists like Clinton are spreading knowledge and general weirdness by the channel. His retweet tendencies skew more towards the latter.

This post was alternatively going to be about solid Twitter feeds of Little Feat and/or Night Ranger, other acts than aren’t exactly “spring chickens”. Different sounds. Same difference.

Here are five recent @george_clinton retweets with 140 characters of analysis following each one.



@george_clinton starred as a character called Dance Crazy in this (apparently un)forgettable feature. It’s still real to @SHAQ!!!



@george_clinton would come out a spaceship on-stage so I guess that is his kinship with this tweet? Or he’s just fishing for a free phone.



@george_clinton has remarkably never played Coachella. And yet… #NiceGesture








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