Ignored 83: Introducing The Completely Ignored Podcast

YYY_podcastThe Completely Ignored Podcast features names from across the music industry, talking about the albums, songs and artists they love. The podcast is co-hosted by Cam Gordon (CompletelyIgnored.com, Broken Pencil, Wavelength Toronto) and Sammy Kohn (drummer, The Watchmen).

In each episode, Cammy and Sammy will get down and get chatty with big name music fans. Each guest will handpick one album to discuss per episode with a focus on awesome tunes, nostalgia, laughs and why music matters.

Ep83 - Cam Gordon.jpeg

On this inaugural episode of The Completely Ignored Podcast, Cam Gordon talks about Wowee Zowee, “the difficult third album” by Pavement.

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