Ignored 136: Crawl with Me by Art Bergmann

In Podcast on March 18, 2017 at 3:41 am


Cam and Sammy are total Art critics for this episode as they (mentally) visit BC for a chat about Art Bergmann and his 1988’s solo debut Crawl with Me. We love this album and we love both Art and art so brace yourself for lots of gushing. We discuss the merits of John Cale (as a producer), debunk suggestions that Bergmann is Canada’s answer to Keith Richards (he is Canada’s answer to Paul Westerberg, obviously) and we ponder long and hard why Bergmann isn’t often in the conversation with Neil, Leonard and Joni as Canadian songwriting royalty We wrap things with a bonus chat about Joy Division and New Order as we try to figure out if Peter Hook is really that bad of a dude. This episode also contains a random Cecil Seaskull mention.

Right click here to download the episode or visit The Completely Ignored Podcast on iTunes to stream this episode.



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