Ignored 168: Heligoland by Massive Attack


The Completely Ignored podcast returns for a fourth season with a focus on 10 “Albums of the 2000s”. Kicking things off is Massive Attack and its 2010 full-length Heligoland. Cam and Sammy both gush over the uniqueness and chill-AF excellence of this band. talk about how the infrequency of their music is a strength and ponder whether the “pile on the guest vocalists” approach had an influence over Damon Albarn for the third and fourth Gorillaz records. The show wraps with a quick chat about new tunes from MGMT and a less-quick chat about the passing of The Fall’s Mark E. Smith, how a mere mortal can tackle The Fall’s back catalogue plus reasons why Smith never got much credit for the LOLz he put into the tunes he wrote.

Right click here to download the episode or visit The Completely Ignored Podcast on iTunes to stream this episode.


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