Ignored 169: Funeral by the Arcade Fire

In Podcast on February 21, 2018 at 2:45 am


Funeral was the 2004 debut length from the Arcade Fire and it’s generally regarded as one of the strongest first efforts in recent memory. Toronto-based digital guru/ninja/Svengali/person Lindsay Lynch seconds this “emotion”. She joins Cam for this episode, talking about small bands that seem big, why concerts on Toronto Island were really not the greatest, the band (and the things) Islands and how her relationship with the Arcade Fire has evolved/maintained through their mushy middle ages. The episode wraps with a little chat about why it’s fun to dance to Daniel Caeser in public and why it’s now problematic to dance to Crystal Castles anywhere.

Right click here to download the episode or visit The Completely Ignored Podcast on iTunes to stream this episode.

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