Ignored 1980: Dear Science by TV on the Radio


Cam and Sammy wrap their 4th season of the podcast with a look at TV on the Radio and their third full-length, 2008’s Dear Science. Lots of New York talk and lots of talk about bands who can pull off sprawling multi-genre music… and bands who can’t. This somehow parlays into some words about the dying days of buying CDs, music collectible shows and vintage Canadian artists w/o large digital footprints, including the Sons of Freedom, Ray Condo, the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir and many more. It’s neat! The episode and the season ends with a quick chat about Boards of Canada and the greatness and the weirdness of Prince’s self-titled 1979 effort. See ya later! 

Right click here to download the episode or visit The Completely Ignored Podcast on iTunes to stream this episode.


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