About Completely Ignored

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Completely Ignored is a blog written by Cam Gordon, a Toronto-based music fan and friend to all.

Cam has written about music and a few other topics (yeah, he has!) for the Toronto Star,, Wavelength, Broken Pencil and This Magazine.

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The Completely Ignored Podcast is a music podcast c0-hosted by Cam and Sammy Kohn (drummer, The Watchmen). On the podcast, Cam and Sammy get down and get chatty with big name music fans and the albums that matter most to them.

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Follow Cam on Twitter: @cam_gordon

  1. I found this site via ‘A Journal of Musical Things’ ( and, even though I’m a bit confused as to what this blog is about, I’m going to have hella fun finding out.

    You’ve been bookmarked and I’m sure that I’ll be visiting often

    Cheers!! \m/\m/

  2. […] premiere league, but there was plenty of good stuff to be found in the lower divisions, too. Cam Gordon and Completely Ignored has quantified Britpop hits in this handy […]

  3. You left out failure! They were broken up for close to twenty years

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